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Q4 Clue 749 Greeting

Last Saturday, there was a ‘wave for a smile day’. Friendly initiative, so let’s ask ourselves; how do different styles greet by nature (e.g. on the street)?


Often in rapid pace from A to B. Someone on their path may ‘not be noticed’. Maybe a tiny salute like a nod or a hey. Unless, of course, it is an important person, then noticed and greeted adequately.


An open style and therefore gives and receives greetings happily. How lavishly is mainly up to the other person. This style dislikes no-return greetings and, in that case, may think, “have it your way”.


Especially with total strangers or in unfamiliar situations, adopts a wait-and-see approach. Will naturally look a bit away. If the person or situation is known, then warm and friendly.


Based on the norm, custom or even etiquette, you say hello correctly. However, on condition that the other person does too. Remembers this and adjusts his/her ‘next time greeting’ accordingly.


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