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Q4 Clue 747 | Jumbo-Jet

Clue 747. Sometimes a number can mean something to you. This one especially if you live/work near an airport. The famous plane with the bump, the Boeing 747.


For a long time, by far the grandest passenger plane in the world. In 1969, a whole lot bigger than there had been until then. The plane even became a status symbol for all the airlines around the world.


The Queen of the Skies, the Jumbo Jet or simply Jumbo. The plane also had a significant cultural impact—an iconic status. For example, the KLM’s phone number is 020 4747 747.


This aircraft made air travel accessible to a much larger public than ever before. Suddenly, hundreds of people could travel on a plane at the same time, affordably and also cross the ocean non-stop.


But now no longer economical enough and it makes too much noise with its four engines. After 53 years, the last one was delivered in 2022. But it is (for the time being) still in service, mainly as a cargo plane.


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