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Q4 Clue 746 | Sneekweek

This famous sailing event is underway again.


From Optimist to Rainbow. Every class can compete. So if you want to compete, you can compete to win. Watching the races – provided there is fanatical sailing, of course – is also possible from the starting island.


A famous quote this week is, “By day for the glory, by night for the ambience.” So the I-style in us also gets its share. Singers, DJs, party bands – fun prevails on the (is)land and the town.


How long is sneekweek, and where is it held? Essential to know 😉. But it’s already the 86th (!) edition. So everything is known, and no more surprises. That is unless you are going (along) for the first time.


Did you know this is the biggest inland water sailing event in Europe? This year with around 800 participants! The fleet parade is always fascinating, but already over. Tomorrow, however, there is the Frisian Yachts and Boeiers race.


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