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Q4 Clue 743 | Talent

Talent often refers to our natural ability, which we can also link to our natural (DISC) style. And that, in turn, reinforces; doing something you are good at is often something you like – and therefore do a lot/often. And thereby getting better at it. What is this for the styles?


Self-confidence is a strong trait. Add to that the natural characteristics such as perseverance, persistence and ambition, and you have a good ‘recipe’ for truly developing your talents.


Enthusiastic and eloquent. Add this up, and you get to inspiring. Also flexible and optimistic. This can hinder developing a specific talent well, though. Easily distracted, so many other fun things.


Reliable and a good listener. Add caring and helpful, and you have a perfect combination. Modesty is also an excellent talent; however, don’t let that get in the way of your personal growth.


Analytical and critical. High ability to concentrate, inquisitive and eager to learn. Great traits because remember – and this applies to all styles – you will still have to work hard on your competencies and skills.


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