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Q4 Clue 742 | On the couch

People sometimes say that when you are at home on the couch, you are really yourself. Your natural self. But is that the case?


Why not on your own chair with (fold-out) footrest? Or do you have to fight for your spot on the couch first? And what do you actually do there on the coach? Something you and only you decide?


Are you always socialising on the couch with all your best friends? Can you chat freely, or do you have to be quiet when watching a film? So when you are all alone on the couch, are you yourself?


So you sit on the couch, and then what? What about a drink or a bite? Who gets or prepares that? And who decides what to do on the couch? Or do you keep in the background, and are you again the one who ‘serves’?


Alone on the couch, deciding for yourself what you – and only you – want to do? No distractions, all peace and quiet, totally your cocoon? Well, then it may be true that you can be totally yourself on the sofa…


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