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Q4 Clue 741 | Made a mistake!

Nothing is more human. But how do different styles deal with it, and how do you recognise them?


Errrr! Big chance it wasn’t (entirely) their own fault, and will primarily point that out. But only dwell on it for a short time. The ‘Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs’ type. Learn from it and move on.


Ai! Embarrassment? Loss of face? The ‘whoever violates his nose violates his face’ type. How will others see me now? Trying to keep it light-hearted or ‘tone it down’ with lots of words.


Ashamed, with a high risk of taking it personally. Prefers no direct confrontation, so they will quietly take it (for the team) and carry on. Can be stuck with it for a long time, and it can affect self-confidence.


This style does not make mistakes. It ‘has to’ be down to something or someone else. Therefore, it hits deep when it is your fault. This gives the risk of thinking even longer and deeper before you start.


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