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Q4 Clue 740 | Leisure activities

From the DISC (needs) perspective, how do the different styles spend their leisure time? Also good to know when you plan to do something together this holiday season.


Has a solid urge to carry out their own will. Prefers to decide what to do. Others follow more (preferably) or less. When interests overlap, this is, of course, fine.


Quite frankly, this style doesn’t care much about what but much more about the who. The doing or undertaking together is leading. Therefore open to others, to something different.


The ‘group’ is leading. Family, relatives or friends. When they are enjoying themselves, this style is also happy. If a ‘moment for yourself’ comes along, great, but if not, it’s fine too.


Prefers to go their way. Of course, this is not always possible when going out with others, but will still grab a moment here and there—just a moment of seclusion or doing something alone.


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