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Q4 Clue 738 | Healthy lifestyle

Following Healthy Youth Week, how do we approach this? Because to live a healthy lifestyle, again, we need to use all our styles.


To set goals and achieve them, you need your D-drive. Be it a certain grade or band, the number of kilometres or a target weight. And above all, the drive and endurance.


You also need to shape your environment. Enabling you to do the things you want or need to do. At home, work/school and maybe even the neighbourhood. Getting others on board is then essential.


It all starts at home. Your family and friends. From healthy meals, sports, and play to having a good night’s rest. Then it is nice that this is a safe and steady environment.


Thinking about it is essential. What does your lunch look like? Can you schedule your sporting activities well? It’s also in the details. For example, if you go out, bring (or give) a water bottle. With water…


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