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Q4 Clue 732 | Labour Day

Take this day as an opportunity to look at the differences in ‘work styles’. Or put another way, which style should you employ when?


When you have to make a decision, provide or determine direction. Whether or not to force through or unpopular. Also, address this style to indicate your limits directly.


When you need to get others on board, you deploy this style. Your verbal power, your charm. Persuade, inspire and influence. Also, the style that can ‘keep up the mood’ when called for.


When things need to be done and completed. Your actions speak louder than words style. To deploy when it’s busy or your work piles get too high and putting in some extra (over)time.


When mistakes have to be avoided, high quality has to be delivered. Overthink, plan, organise etc., everything down to the last detail. Then take your ‘C thinking time’ before you start.


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