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Q4 Clue 731 Preparing

Whether it’s a (work) task or a holiday trip. How do the different DISC styles prepare?


Prefers to delegate this. Ideal picture; someone else prepares it and gives this to me just beforehand: concise info, description or a packed suitcase. Of course, this will not always fly and then not prepared (well).


Preparing is not the strongest side. And then often at the very last minute. With flexibility and verbality, things usually work out, but it could be better. Many I-styles have learned from this; make checklists!


This style can cause worry and become nervous way beforehand. Would therefore prefer to start preparing as early as possible. Eager to get help with this. From people with experience to procedures and protocols.


Preparing is second nature in time and thorough. But that’s also the pitfall. When are you prepared? When do you know or have everything? For this style, learning when good is good enough is essential.


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