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Q4 Clue 730 Week of the tick

Interesting to look at how best to inform the different DISC styles. For example, to prevent tick bites in this case!


The What? question should be clear. For this example, an answer to, what is the risk of a tick bite? Or what is Lyme disease? If you want to ‘get this style on board’, it is essential that the sense of urgency is there.


This style finds the Who? question key. It already starts with the question, who are you telling me this? But more so, who else is doing it? If this style is convinced, then also a good promoter of ‘the cause’.


Answer the How? question. Especially this one; how do I prevent a bite? But also good to know already; how do I recognise a bite – and – how do I remove a tick? In short, make sure you have good instructions.


First, all the info and data to answer the Why? Question. Once this is clear, this style systematically checks oneself and others according to the rules and the manual. To the millimetre (a tick is only 1-3 mm).


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