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Q4 Clue 727 | Control the Bling

Money Week is there to teach young people to use money wisely. This year’s theme is ‘Control the Bling’. How does this translate to the different DISC styles?


Being status-sensitive is likely to the D style. Showing off what you have is no stranger to this style—literally bling or the latest special edition sneakers. And yes, that comes at a cost.


Fashion and trends sensitive. Especially in order not to stand out of the group. Has a solid urge to ‘have to buy’. And can make impulsive, and therefore sometimes thoughtless, purchases.


Down-to-earth type, but sensitive to seductions. Think influencers. It is challenging to work out whether it is marketing or genuine. Especially when seen as intimates or even ‘friends’.


OK, this style can make a ‘sensible’ assessment. But is sensitive to the ‘real deal’. Then a raincoat with Gore-Tex® super shell waterproof technology … (etc. etc.) suddenly costs tenfold.


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