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Q4 Clue 725 | Saying no (in office talk)

How the different styles can say no (in office talk). And recognise the Styles!


“I hear what you’re saying, but we’re going to do it my way anyway”. It might seem a bit less direct, but it’s just a clear no in the end. Actually, even a ‘double no’.


“If you present it at the meeting, we can all take a shot at it”. Not saying no directly, but discussing it with others and then hopefully, it becomes a ‘collective and mutual no’.


“Let’s lift it over the weekend”. Or even further, “park it until after the holidays”. Then hope it disappears on its own or blows over. Not having to say no at all.


“I threw it over the fence”. Not a direct no yourself, but indirectly like; for me, it’s clear and if you think otherwise, ‘fine’, but then figure it out yourself.


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