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Q4 Clue 724 | National Week Without Meat

The start of the week without meat (and chicken and fish and preferably dairy). How could the different styles deal with this?


Of course, whether you are open to it is personal. But participating, be it for one day or not at all, this style makes that decision. And if this one is going for it, it is also full-in, not half (baked…).


Changing and experimenting with surprising things is fine for this style. Many recipes to be found, or ask people you know! Trying new dishes and even unfamiliar ingredients is also totally fine.


Many alternatives are available, even at your usual supermarket. So it’s easy to replace the piece of meat in your regular dishes with something very similar that also tastes good, of course.


To convince yourself, family members or others in a discussion, there are plenty of arguments to your “why?” question. Check the WUR report, for instance, if you really want to get into it.


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