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Q4 Clue 723 | Rejection

Whether for a job, an idea or a date. How do the different DISC styles handle rejection?


Tends to get angry first. Or at least blame someone else; not my fault; they don’t get it. Steps over it quickly, though and doesn’t carry it with him/her ‘as baggage’.


Rejection is ‘one of the most annoying things there is’. Will easily take it on personally. So tends to avoid these (possible) situations. This can be a real pitfall for this style.


Prefers to walk the known and safe path. The chance of rejection is then minimised. Or together, out of a familiar setting etc. In a way, to avoid (the risk of) rejection in advance.


Not wanting to make errors also means not wanting to get a rejection (an error for this Style). Needs time to think through and to cover all the possible risks. And then always can dodge it altogether.


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