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Q4 Clue 720 | Tolerance

This, of course, goes well beyond just the DISC Style but – especially in unfavourable conditions – interesting to look at HOW we can respond to the basic needs of DISC.


The D for Direct. A comment or reaction is, therefore, quickly given by this style. Even the ‘jokes’ are often directed at the person. Of course, this can be perceived as less tolerant by others.


Careful to reject someone. Saying what you think is not always nice, either. Will therefore come across as tolerant. But could ‘go along’ with the group where a specific opinion prevails.


Maintaining good peace is a motivator. In the family, a group or (work) teams. This means being tolerant of each other. However, it can result in issues lingering below the surface.


We all have our way of thinking and doing. But this style can be very consistent in that. Will initially keep distance, but when you start a discussion, then very steadfast.


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