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Q4 Clue 719 | Day of the Croissant

Whether you eat it on a terrace in France or just from the supermarket, most people love this roll. Some interesting facts in DISC style today.


According to tradition, the crescent shape is related to the Austrian victory over the Ottomans. Their secret tunnel accidentally ended up in a bakery, where they were already working early so they could sound the alarm…


But that was in Vienna and not in France. Then again, that is said to be down to Marie Antoinette. After she was married off to Louis the sixteenth, she missed Austrian bread so much that she had a baker come over from Vienna.


So, the croissant is now France’s traditional (breakfast) roll. On our dining tables, it often has something of festive, cosiness and even luxurious. On a Sunday morning or a festive day, for example. With a delicious jam or with La vache qui rit, anyone?


To delve deeper, the croissant originated from the Austrian Kipferl bread but instead from puff pastry. To get it crispy and fluffy, put many layers and butter between EACH layer. A croissant is less greasy; they used to say at the FEBO…


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