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Q4 Clue 718 | Responsibility

Of course, any style can take responsibility when we look at the Personal (DISC) Style perspective. But how depends on the style.


Directing. The style that takes responsibility for complying with what is agreed (goal, deadline, objective). In other words, getting people to get on and set the direction.


Appreciation. Wanting to meet the request, wish, and demand of others. But above all, wanting to excel in it. Appreciation for what is done is, therefore, very important.


Completion. Literally, finishing is the driving force of this style. Together, as a team, but will also work on his or her own until it is finished if they are responsible for it.


Quality. Half-baked, incomplete, a little late etc., is not acceptable. It must meet the highest standards, 100% correct. Therefore, takes up this responsibility.


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