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Q4 Clue 717 | Nothing day

Whatever this day is, it is interesting to view this across the different styles. How do we do nothing?


Doing nothing, like spending all day in bed or on the couch, is not for this style. But doing nothing about work-related matters, for example, is. Just go ‘work on yourself’, for example.


Doing nothing like having a day ‘to celebrate nothing’. Just a regular and, perhaps to this style, a dull day. This is fine, too; it’s okay to have a day without adventure or celebrations.


Doing nothing by taking care of yourself. Have a day to leave things, not always ready and there for others. Take a moment to isolate yourself completely, like sofa, bed, bath…


Doing nothing, like nothing at all, is also possible. Only then should you have planned this. So that – for this style particularly difficult – you don’t have to think about anything at all.


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