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Q4 Clue 714 | Second Christmas Day

How do the different DISC styles view or deal with this second day?


The religious nature of this second Christmas Day is somewhat lost. So you can also decide for yourself what you want to do on this day. Yesterday ‘the obligations’ – today I.


An extra day is also lovely concerning your social obligations. After all, that can be a bit of a challenge for this style. Let’s visit ‘the other (half)’ today.


But you can also enjoy this day alone or together in a close circle. Whether that’s the traditional furniture mall, a couch hanging day or watching English Rugby doesn’t matter.


Why a second one? There was once a third and fourth Christmas Day. Thankfully, this second one was not abolished! It only declared an official day off for all Dutch people in 1964, by the way.

Therefore, enjoy this day – all in your own style!


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