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Q4 Clue 713 | A Blue Christmas

This day is to think about those who work in or with safety and law enforcement during Christmas. Police officers, firefighters, EMTs, 112 operators and so on. How?


They keep us safe and save lives. But it comes at a price. Long dark days and even nights. Wet and cold. And the work can be hazardous and traumatising.


It is good to be aware of this. Give a thank-you to someone you know who is doing this work. Or whom you meet on the way after a nice party in town, for example.


Decorations, togetherness, presents etc. For most, Christmas is usually a time of celebration. They miss the time to be with their families during Christmas.


Therefore, this Christmas blues. To raise awareness and give appreciation to the people behind the scenes. They are the ones who make the holidays special.


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