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Q4 Clue 710 | Teadious Jobs

We all have them. Not necessarily the same ones, by the way. What one person finds dreadful, another does with a smile. But how do we deal with these?


Delegate! The first thing that comes to mind to a D-style. And then doing so or at least trying to. Also, the style we hate to address when we don’t want to do the job (as; letting someone else do it).


Procrastinate. Not quite in a deliberate way, but somehow (…) other things keep popping up, which also constantly get a bit more priority over the tedious job…


We must resort to this style when we need and want to do a tedious job. And most of all, actually finish it. Beware, though, if you have a high S style, you are not always the one who does it!


Nonsense (in the eyes of this style) jobs get left behind. Annoying jobs that do serve a purpose are part of the job. Just schedule and deal with them. Just get it done and move on.


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