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Q4 Clue 709 | World Hello Day

This day was established back in 1973 already, and over 180 countries participate! To express a little more solidarity and to greet at least ten people today. How do different styles actually greet?


A direct short, and firm greeting. Hey!” and carrying on. Can also pass by without even noticing. Not because they don’t like the person or anything, but are usually busy and focused – head-on.


In good spirits, an exuberant greeting. Hellooo! – and a big chance to follow up with; how are you? Not always the first and, at times, hesitant. What if the other person doesn’t greet back? Feels like a rejection.


The friendly ‘greeter’. This does not always have to be with a word; a warm smile is also possible. But only if the eyes cross. This style often looks somewhat away or at the ground when passing.


You greet as a matter of formality and as it should. So a good evening and not a hi or hey to someone you don’t know. If this style doesn’t have much regard for you, it may greet but distant, somewhat cold.


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