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Q4 Clue 708 | Workload and stress

We want (too?) much in our lives. We see this, especially among the younger generation. Let’s look at this through the DISC perspective; which style drives which need?


The D style in us wants to ‘be the best’. Compete to win. The style that drives our ambition. Better, more, higher. Not only on the work floor but also, for example, on the gym floor.


The style in us that wants to socialise. A vast social network is also very (…) important in today’s society. And the fear of missing out. I have to go to that meeting, that restaurant, the festival…


Include the house with the white fence, kids and a pet—the whole nine yards. Don’t forget family relations. Very important for this style. OK, of course, but this (too) takes a lot of time.


Then there are the high standards we (want or need?) to set for ourselves these days. Everything has to be ‘perfect’ and ‘meet that picture of perfection’. That’s where this style comes around…


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