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Q4 Clue 707 | Trust

This year’s Week of Respect identifies ‘trust’ as a critical founding element. Let’s look at this from the DISC core characteristics. How easily do you trust someone?


What is it you want from me? This is basically what is always on the mind of this style. Want to remain in control and lead. Therefore, their view of the (outside) world is somewhat distrusting.


Hey, hello, who are you? By nature a positive, outward-oriented style. Consequently, this style assumes the good in people. Also, the ‘just newly met people’. As a result, they are swift to trust.


How are you doing? Relaxed and open towards the environment. A bit reserved in trusting, however. Kind and friendly but not immediately close. That takes some time (to prove your loyalty).


Why will I trust you? With a high C, you have to go through balloting, as it were. Definitely cautious at first, which can be perceived as the most distrusting style.


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