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Q4 Clue 706 | Frighten

The fright response is deeply ingrained in our core behaviour. Since today is Halloween, it’s a fun one to take a look at; how do we react when something or someone scares us?


Keep your distance when grazing the D style. You have to do your best to really scare this style but then factor in a ‘direct fight response’. Pure and from the subconscious like a loud scream, a shove, or even a lash out…


Always up for some fun pranks. But with the emphasis on fun, it shouldn’t be too intense. Not something where the I-style loses his or her face. This style can be deeply personally affected by it and run away…


For this style, too, it has to stay fun. Actually prefers not to do it or in such a way that you can already see it coming for miles. Wants to avoid uncomfortable situations and (re)actions. Chooses not to participate and does not seek it out…


Very well thought out and set up and a face made of steel? Then it might be possible to graze this style. Don’t expect an exuberant (shock) reaction; it will probably be suppressed. However, do expect a ‘revenge reaction’ someday 😉…


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