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Q4 Clue 704 | We are DISC!

You know the quotes like, you’re green, or that high D. Nonsense, we are everything! What we want, we do, we should, and so we do everything. D, I, S and C.


For example, a decision you make comes from your D-style. Sooner or later, you have to decide something for yourself. Even if it’s something very basic. Decided already what you will have for dinner tonight?


For example, to convince someone, that is coming from the I in you. Sooner or later, you may need someone, there is something mutual. Already had to get someone on board with what you want to do this weekend?


For example, actually doing something and finishing it is our S style. You can’t avoid it; there are many things you have to do yourself. Did you get yourself some coffee or tea today?


For example, when something needs to be thought up, you tap into your C style. You simply can’t always leave it to others. Any thoughts today on what you’re going to do this evening?


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