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Q4 Clue 703 | Energy

The National Energy Week is about renewable energy generation and energy reduction. So they say. It will probably only be about the one thing we are all talking about; the high prices. Recognise the style in this debate.


“I don’t pay!”. Always opted for variable pricing. It worked out quite well for a long time, but now there is this huge increase. Blames it on the supplier; “I’ll pay off the extra debt slowly in my next instalment amount or something”.


“I have no idea what I am paying or going to pay”. Not the style to delve (quickly and in time) into the numbers – well up to six or so decimals after the comma… “for now, not letting myself be fooled by those who think they know it all”.


“I am very worried”. And probably more so by the day. Uncertain times are not great for the style that likes steadiness. Especially the unknown causes anxiety. How much longer, things could get much worse. “Luckily, some help now”.


“OK, for now, still fixed prices but in the future…”. Knows exactly what he or she is paying. Figures it out, calculates. Maybe still a (reasonably) good deal for now. “But have to think on how to make savings and explore the alternatives”.


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