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Q4 Clue 702 | Week of parenting

Children are pure, so the behaviour you observe is, therefore, mostly the way of ‘how’ to best treat that child, almost like copying. But there are pitfalls you may want to avoid. How about that with the different styles?


Self-assured, wants to be the best, strong-willed, confident and confrontational. The pitfall is that you can (unconsciously) compete with each other. So both want to win, and that can quickly turn into conflict.


Enthusiastic, sensitive, trustworthy, and talks easily and a lot. The pitfall is that there can be many long discussions about anything and everything, which can also quickly become (too) emotional.


Friendly, a listener, reliable, loyal and predictable. The pitfall is to let everything run its course. Maintaining the status quo above all. Don’t avoid making decisions or follow through from time to time.


Critical, wants much information, deliberate and careful. This combination is also the pitfall. When do you begin or start with something? How long do you want to look at it? A ‘push’ is needed now and then.

P.S. All the above can also be applied one-to-one to adults!


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