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Q4 Clue 701 | A little joke! Just kidding!

This is the slogan of the Week Against Bullying 2022. A joke can start small but then turn into bullying. How does this slogan stand up to the different styles?


This style sets your boundaries. I don’t like it; cut it out. But also the style that makes ‘jokes directed at the person’. And this (jabbing) can be and become annoying, especially when it happens over and over again.


Laughing and having fun together creates bonding and inclusion. It creates a safe group climate. This style participates to belong to the group. But how will someone perceive your joke outside your group?


Jokes help to establish norms and values. What is laughed at and what not? Who fits in my group or team, for example, and who doesn’t? The style that, as a group and through indirect jokes, can also cause pain.


Jokes are complicated and complex. They can have both a positive and negative impact. It is freedom of speech for some, but for others, it may be discrimination. Being aware of this is, therefore, essential.


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