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Q4 Clue 698 | Receiving guests

How do we handle receiving guests at home?


Inviting is one thing – if he or she likes the guest(s), otherwise clearly a no – but what about arranging, organising and especially the execution? This style doesn’t worry much about that…


Enthusiastic in agreeing on ‘meeting soon’ – often, easily and (too) quickly – but actually planning a date? Turns out to be challenging to fit in. And quite exciting, what if I fail or blunder?


This is basically a stress thing – especially if it’s sudden or with unknown(er) guests – but if anyone can arrange it, it’s this style. Maybe using the standard guest protocol…


Doubt about the level to be achieved – after all, the bar is always high – but this style usually has a few specific signature dishes, recipes, et cetera. But it remains a hurdle to take, inviting people…


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