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Q4 Clue 697 | How do we respond to stress

Stress can be an unfavourable circumstance, in which case we tend to react first according to our highest natural style. How do the styles primarily respond to stress?


Short-tempered and wanting to take control. Becomes (very) direct in communicating and acting. Until the control over the situation or circumstances is regained, this style will act this way.


Irritable and rebellious. We often see that the strong qualities of your style are overused. For this style, it can mean talking too much to influence a stressful situation verbally.


Stubborn and judgmental. Can withdraw and adopt a distant attitude. Often looks for allies and like-minded people in the background. But in the first instance, an indirect reaction.


Overanxious and pessimistic. Asks and continues to ask, deliberate and ponder, which can result in inactivity. Difficult to overcome, especially when it is not or hard (for you) to comprehend.


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