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Q4 Clue 696 | Suddenly, nature is mainstream

Not so long ago, it got quiet quickly when you went slightly off the beaten track. But times have changed. What, who, how and why?


Many have started to exercise in the open air. This also brought about more and more outdoor (sports) clubs and opportunities. Not only in the local park but also in nature, think of trail running.


Previously, walking was somewhat uncool for young people. But it has become trendy. We also see this in fashion, such as mountain boots and technical clothing. You can be seen with it nowadays.


You have to cross a threshold to exercise openly in the open air and, therefore, in public places. Everyone who can see you. But it has become quite common lately, so why not?


Corona probably did make the final push. There was minimal choice but to go outdoors. And then suddenly discovering that nature is actually wonderful, pleasant and fun…


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