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Q4Clue 695 Laze around

Maybe you think lazing around is what everyone does the same, right? But nothing is further from the truth. How do different styles (or not…) laze about.


Sitting still and doing absolutely nothing is very difficult for a D-style. Perhaps just for a moment – the well-known powernap – and back to action. It doesn’t have to be physical always, but ‘doing something challenging’ does come quickly.


This style prefers to laze around together. Not sitting around twiddling your thumbs, but hanging out a bit. With someone or others around you. At home or on the beach. Chatting a little, looking around a bit, totally fine.


Tip: find or create an environment where others do not ask you for help (all the time). Where they can amuse themselves and run their affairs. In short; you are ‘temporarily closed’ and only do something for yourself.


When our C-style surfaces, it can indeed mean doing something just by yourself. That could be lying on your sunbed or doing something you enjoy or a hobby. Whatever you think you should do.


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