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Q4 Clue 690 | Summer vacation use

We’re probably not just on vacation during the summer vacation season. What other interesting ideas to do – selected by style, of course.


Perhaps an extra little trip anyway? How about a mini road trip? There’s still plenty to explore closer to home. Or pick up some (garden) jobs or start a demanding challenge!


Organize a party or a dinner or a high tea. Or simply everything! Go shopping. Buy a day railway ticket and get off at a random station. Together with someone else, of course 😉!


Organize a game day (tip: water balloon fight if it’s hot). Or start tidying up (clothes closet), getting rid of things. Don’t forget your mailbox. That will feel good!


Start your blog, or now might be the time to write a book. In the evening, have a movie marathon (in your garden with a beamer). Or take a very early (beach) walk. Delightful!


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