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Q4 Clue 689 | To the beach

Let’s stay in the vacation spirit and ask, how do different styles experience going to the beach?


A beach day will be stressful. Leaving early, close parking, best beach spot/chair, annoying people around you. That can ignite that short fuse a few times. But in the end, it will be and was quite a fine day!


Having fun! A beach crowded with people, check. A beach with lots of entertainment, check. A lively beach club, check. A popular spot, check. Not the first one (early) on the beach but prefers to linger a bit longer.


Lots of arranging and planning! Ideally, well in advance. All beach gear ready, sunscreen, food and drink – the cooling elements already frozen? And you also want to leave early. Is that why it is always so busy on those ‘certain beach days’ in NL?


When this style (in us) is highly represented, you probably drop out a bit on the above experiences. Do you prefer a cosy, quiet, idyllic beach with a small taverna? That will then be abroad and out of season…


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