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Q4 Clue 688 | The summer vacation is approaching

This always gives ‘many matters’ to deal with. How do we approach this based on our different styles and with which style specifically?


The D in us makes the decision and literally determines the (travel) direction. The higher your D intensity, the sooner the decision is made. Even if not everyone (I) is convinced yet, not fully thought through (C) yet or with a fully finalized travel plan yet (S)….


The I in us is the style which we use to influence others. To literally get others to go with you to the destination you desire. Very important, of course, with whom, but also who else is there and who also likes ‘my destination’.


The style in us that practicalizes and carries out the ideas, plans etc. After all, you want actually to arrive at your destination. And at the right time, with the right things… Ergo ticking off all the How? questions to rule out all uncertainties and surprises.


This is your style which thinks. Not only the destination (which of course, takes a lot of time and research). But also in a broader sense, with questions such as: will we be leaving from Schiphol this year? Closer and by car? Or with the train from an environmental point of view?


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