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Q4 Clue 686 | Week without sugar

Starting today, a week without sugar? Considering the different styles, how would you accomplish this?


Less sugar often means more energy. Or, to put it another way, by eating less unhealthy food, mostly with added sugars, you automatically get more fibre, vitamins and minerals. Simple!


All those sweets are very tempting, and you can crave them. By doing it together, you can overcome it more easily. What is not there, you do not see… And choose a snack with natural sugars.


How to avoid all those “free sugar” products is quite tricky. Learning to read labels (there are as many as 50 different names for sugar). Better, if you can make the time, to make the ‘ready-made’ products yourself.


Every week, we get about 99 cubes (a pretty specific C number 😉) of added sugars. Reduce, and you can lose weight more quickly, reduce the risk of diabetes, have less bowel trouble and sleep better.

Why only a week then, you wonder?


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