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Q4 Clue 683 | Day of the Intern

Perhaps you remember your internship days, or you work with interns now. Young and green, you are ‘suddenly in the big world’. How do the different types of interns deal with this, and what are the pitfalls?


This style is ready for it! At least thinks he or she is prepared for it. Full of belief in their abilities, they can get a bit rattled. Some reality check as the ‘youngest employee’…


Optimistic! It is going to be all right! Will show his/her most social face. But of course, that is not the only thing that is required. In fact, it can also be counterproductive…


Just be friendly, very helpful and do what is asked. Simple! But too is usually not the right thing to do. Also, not too friendly. Learn to say no, and stand up for yourself. Valuable lessons…


Why is it difficult? Just prepare as thoroughly as possible. But, that’s not how it works in the real world. There is more than the job description. Much more than you learn in books. That is why…


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