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Q4 Clue 682 | Overtime

Sometimes, sometimes regularly, we have to work overtime. How do the different styles deal with this?


Only when it is valid and decide on it yourself (preferably). When it is your responsibility, you have to bear the consequences. But can easily ask others or delegate.


No problem. Not even at the last minute. Certainly not in the context of ‘together’. Finds out later that it was probably ‘a problem’, but that can be resolved. Force majeure!


Okay, as long as I know it (well) in advance. I have to arrange and plan it at home. So don’t tell me five minutes before five. Won’t say no, but is not pleased (will express this to colleagues).


If there is a good reason, because it shouldn’t, something must have ‘gone wrong’ somewhere. The planning, a promise and the mistake are likely to be someone else’s…


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