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Q4 Clue 680 | Leverage

Exerting influence on other people and being accepted as an authority by others. Different styles, different ways of exerting leverage (and pitfalls).


By nature, this style is convinced of oneself or an opinion and shows this. Self-assured and assertive in both speech and posture. Major pitfall: coming across as too dominant.


Convincing and influencing are the strengths of this style. In words and the way it is presented, people want to listen to you. Be careful; it can become too pushy.


The strength of this style lies in its integrity. Combined with a lot of work experience, this gives natural leverage. Keep an open mind; stubbornness and willfulness lurk.


Leverage based on (professional) expertise. There is not easily someone who knows better or can pull your leg. But keep empathy for the ideas and opinions of others.


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