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Q4 Clue 679 | FC Volendam promotes

Last Friday, FC Volendam secured a promotion to the Eredivisie.
After 14 years, that’s logical! Congratulations!
How do the different styles deal with the pressure and the euphoria that comes with this?


Fighting and keeping the faith. To the outside world (team members, players, opponent, press), you do not show that you are under much pressure. But also, the D-player/coach feels the tensions towards the match. A win like this will cause a mighty discharge.


An I-player/coach is mainly positive in his expressions; we can do it, and we will do it! Jokes and laughter break the tension. The I-way to deal with it. If it works out, there will be a big party with everyone and everything, and also on the social media.


The S-player/coach embraces certainties and rituals. Focus on staying calm, calm and above all, calm. Let’s mainly stick to doing what has gone well in recent weeks, and we’ll be fine. In the celebration, the team’s performance is emphasised.


Preparation with many match analyses, what are they doing well, and where can we hurt them? The C-player/coach focuses on the facts to increase the chances. Even this ‘undercooled’ style will be very euphorically in the event of a win – especially a huge one like this!


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