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Q4 Clue 677 | Covid versus DISC

Is there such a thing as a Covid Profile? The last few years may have had a significant impact. In particular, on energy management. What about the different styles?


It has been pretty quiet the last few years. Not many challenges, not much need to decide, manage etc. At work and home. That can undoubtedly have affected this style. Looking for challenges and adventure will do you good again.


Almost no social contact. And via a screen does not apply here. The I-style literally gets energy from people around them. They don’t all have to be people they know, just being somewhere with some (pleasant) company is enough.


Being at home a lot is quite okay for this style. After the acclimatisation period of this new situation then. But missed family, friends and (the team) colleagues. Plus, you probably had less or no time for yourself anymore.


After creating a proper home office, it was perhaps not so bad. Let’s see if we can find some balance in this. And the leisure activities will probably be a bit more relaxed and quieter than before now that everything is open again.


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