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Q4 Clue 676 | Museum week

We cannot predict if and to which museum ‘a DISC style’ goes; that has mainly to do with personal interests. But we can answer the how question.


The pace of a D-style is higher. This also applies to the speed with which this style moves through a museum. Nothing wrong with that, but take it into account when you go together. Meet each other later, for instance. Cuts down on stress.


For this style, going together is an essential element. So consider carefully with whom you go. The same interests = being able to share, but also the pace. High and you’ll miss half, or slow and get bored quickly.


Something for everyone is important. This style also enjoys the enjoyment of others. This means that it is often not the museum you would have chosen. Make room for that, together with your ‘designated museum partner’.


When a C-style visits a museum, they are also very focused on the details. They want to know, learn, read and understand. The ‘speed’ is also less. Also for yourself, because before you know it, there’s the museum guard: “It’s time to go to the exit”…


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