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Q4 Clue 674 | Spring

Spring started yesterday, It has always brought something of positivity to us forever. How does this manifest itself in the various styles?


The feeling that we are ‘going forward’ again. Towards more. This style perceives that as positive—also more outdoor possibilities. Going out late or after work is an option again. A trip to the beach, some late workouts. A more productive time!


The word ‘lente’ (spring) is derived from the word long, the lengthening of the days. So there is more (day) time to do fun and pleasant things. And it gets better and better from now on. Plus, the people around you are generally more cheerful too!


This time also brings the feeling of new, fresh, clean. A spring cleaning, perhaps? Preparing the garden or balcony for the summer? We can slowly start enjoying the outdoors again, eating and playing outside. Together. Spring fever!


The summer interests can get out of the closet again. Slowly getting prepared. Making new ideas, new plans. The fresh green trees, the sound of birds, the first warm rays of sunshine. Savouring the true feeling of spring!


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