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Q4 Clue 673 | Relax a bit

In these troubling times, we must not forget to think about ourselves once in a while. As being to recharge your battery with positive energy. How do the different styles do that?


Focus on a goal. This can be a physical goal but also a mentally challenging one. Set a distance, a number or a height. And go for it. This is also possible together with and against others. That way, you can burn off your (bottled up) energy.


Fortunately, the covid restrictions are practically gone. That’s why you should seek out people again. Meet and socialise. Whether in a restaurant, bar, gym or even at work. Please don’t underestimate this; it’s essential to be together for real.


Do not forget the lovely, simple little things. Like a cosy Saturday night with the family, a game night, or just catching up with someone. Above all, don’t forget yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend.


There are plenty of nice things to devote your (brain) time to. Take a long walk, enjoy art, listen to music, pick up a good book or binge an exciting series. Immerse or even lose yourself in your interests or a hobby. Perfectly fine.


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