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Q4 Clue 671 | Dealing with tensions

We live in exciting times, so to say. Covid, the climate, inflation, East/West relations, and things closer to home can cause tensions. How do we deal with them?


The D-style is the style of control. These kinds of issues transcend that, and that makes it extra frustrating. You cannot exert any influence. Of course, you can get angry, whether or not you take it out on someone else or some other incident. Wise? But it might relieve some of the tension…


The I-style tries to remain positive and uses humour to deal with it. Would rather not think about it too much. Trying to escape reality for a while. Looking for fun and pleasure, such as going to the cinema, on holiday or dancing late into the night…


Prefers to stick to the old and familiar. Anything that brings uncertainty will be experienced as uncomfortable. So the situation we live in now certainly provides extra tension for this style. Doing something ‘simple’, something you don’t have to think too much about, helps you relax…


The C style in us wants to understand and reason from here. That then gives a form of ease. Even though some of these issues are so big that it is difficult to handle, to put it mildly. But something is always better than nothing; that is the source of stress…


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