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Q4 Clue 670 | International Day of the Mother Tongue

This day was established to celebrate language diversity and promote multilingualism. Interesting to put this along the ‘DISC’ scale.


Your language, international, regional or dialect is strongly linked to your culture and identity. As a D-style, you may be brave enough to stand up for it, but it can be challenging. Therefore, the aim is to have everyone be open to (linguistic) diversity and an inclusive society.


Learning a language is one thing, but really developing the linguistic sense and understanding of language is a challenge. The I-style is the influencing style. Verbal and non-verbal. It is important that you have a good grasp of a language, which can be a challenge when it is not your mother tongue. Especially the nuances.


Worldwide, more children grow up multilingual than monolingual. This is an enrichment, but it does not happen automatically or sufficiently with every child. This is why it is important to pay proper attention to this issue within the family and in a good educational policy.


UNESCO expects that around 2100, half of the current 6000 languages will be extinct. A great deal of knowledge will probably be lost as a result. This is also a reason to promote the mother tongue and ensure that everyone can and will continue to speak their mother tongue with pride.


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