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Q4Clue 668 Putting things in perspective

It is a quality to be able to see things in perspective. It can be learned, but it has pitfalls. Above all, it affects your entire DISC spectrum. Also, those styles of which you naturally have less energy. How can you put things into perspective?


The D style in us has the natural tendency to desire to gain and maintain control. But not everything can be controlled. This style can also ask too much of him or herself. Let it go. Aks; what could happen? And if so, we’ll see it by then. A decision this style can make.


The pitfall of this style is to see things in a more beautiful or rosy light, to picture them. If things don’t work out, we complain and grumble. But this can be countered with humour. It is the way to put things into perspective, to see the relativity of everything.


Many bumps in the S road. Problems you would prefer to avoid. You assume the worst, even though you know that things will always turn out better! Build on this experience, on your natural common sense and especially on the art of being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.


The style that wants to do everything perfectly, and oh no criticism. Very demanding on yourself, everyone and everything. It can also quickly be too black or white. That is a pity because this style has the gift to see things differently, look back at them in retrospect and put them into perspective.


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