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Q4Clue 667 The cooking workshop

Last Saturday, we celebrated our annual Winter Wonderland. Good fun but above all delicious! The programme was to cook! How did the different styles do with a DISC touch to it?


Always nice, instructions from a chef. It is cool to see how he prepares the dish with ease. Now you. Let’s do it! Nope. Too hasty, too simplistic, too little thought through. Typical pitfalls of this style. Hopefully, there was help. Or worst-case scenario, order in…


Very friendly and joyful. All those familiar faces. And the urge to speak. And then, all of a sudden, the dish is ready. Now you! Hmmm. Was a bit distracted by everything and everyone. Help! Shall we do it together? Tablet into the kitchen, also fun and above all a good laugh!


It wasn’t just you who looked forward to the result, but probably others too. Fortunately, the dish was for several people. This first time, with the instructions going fast, the execution may not have been your best, but as long as it tasted good!


Very interesting and you always learn new things, techniques, ingredients and even cooking methods. Paid attention and took notes (screenshots, anyone?). Because when you do something, you do it good! Only the 20 minutes of cooking time was the big pitfall here.


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